The Soundtrack Vol 8 Iss 1-2 – Double Special Issue Published

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce that The Soundtrack 8:1-2, a double special issue on videogame music and sound has now been published online. Print copies will be going out to subscribers in due course.

The issue presents a snapshot of the video game music and sound research community that has coalesced around the annual Ludomusicology conferences over the past half-decade. The five main research articles have their origins in research and discussions from the conferences, and we hope that the community find them an interesting and invigorating read over the Christmas break. We have already received several submissions for the Ludo 2016 conference and hope that this will encourage and inspire even more!

First and foremost, the editors (Michiel Kamp, Tim Summers and myself) would like to thank the contributors for their outstanding work. We would also like to give very special thanks to Jelena Stanovnik and Heather Gibson at Intellect for their help and support in assembling this issue. We are very grateful to the Editors in Chief of The Soundtrack for giving us the opportunity to edit an issue of this journal. The Table of Contents follows.

Soundtrack vol 8 iss 1-2 ToC

Update (7 Jan 2016)

Video Playlist for ‘The reality paradox: Authenticity, fidelity and the real in Battlefield 4‘ by Richard Stevens & Dave Raybould has been uploaded to YouTube and is also embedded below.

Update (15 June 2016)

We’re pleased to report here that Michael Austin’s paper, “From Mixtapes to Multiplayers…” was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement — Publication, Broadcast, or Documentary category of VGMO’s Annual Game Music Awards. It is really exciting to see academic research being disseminated into and having an impact on the wider gaming community. Congratulations Michael on your excellent article!

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