Ludo2013 Easter Conference

The Ludomusicology research group will be hosting a two day conference on video game audio to take place on the 12th and 13th of April, 2013 at Liverpool University. Building upon the foundation of last year’s successful RMA Study Day, the conference will include research papers and discussion workshops.

The theme of this year’s conference: ‘challenges and innovations’. We have chosen this theme to seek to investigate the challenges that face both game audio practitioners and analysts, and the innovations of technology and scholarship that seek to deal with these challenges. Paper topics may include:

  • Methods of analyzing game music and sound
  • New musical technologies in games
  • Ludomusicology and its relationship with wider culture
  • The challenges of composing for games
  • New trends in game music
  • Game music in wider culture
  • Video game music histories
  • Music vs./with/as sound effect(s) in the video game

Keynote addresses will be given by Mark Grimshaw (Aalborg University), and William Gibbons (Texas Christian University). A session with industry professionals including Richard Aitken, Production Director at Nimrod Productions, and Stephen Baysted, Composer and Audio Director for UK game development studio Slightly Mad Studios, will also take place on Saturday afternoon.

Organizers: James Barnaby, Jemima Cloud, Michiel Kamp, Tim Summers, Mark Sweeney.

Hosted by Anahid Kassabian, James and Constance Alsop Chair of Music, University of Liverpool.

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