Author: Tim Summers

BEEP: A History of Game Sound – Documentary Project


We’d like to draw your attention to a fantastic new project directed by Karen Collins – BEEP: A History of Game Sound. It’s an ambitious documentary project that will produce a book, a film and a companion website. The website is up at and the kickstarter at

Here’s how the producers describe the project:

“This documentary film will take viewers on a rich audio-visual journey through the history of game music and sound, from the minimalist sounds of 1970s arcade classics through to the surround sound orchestral soundtracks of 2014’s latest epics. It will be published together with a book that will provide an in-depth perspective on the evolution of game audio, packed full of interviews with the pioneers of game sound.”

While we’d love everyone to donate to this, even if you can’t, please spread the word on the twittersphere, blogosphere and any other ‘sphere that needs a dose of game sound goodness.

Collins and the team say that the BEEP: A History of Video Game Sound documentary film and guidebook will feature:

  • interviews with numerous influential game composers: from the famous composers of the biggest Japanese and Western franchises, to the lesser-known names who have innovated behind-the-scenes
  • a complete history of the game sound: from the Victorian mechanical arcades and pinball machines through to today’s orchestral performances and full surround soundtracks
  • current and classic tools and techniques used to create game music and sound
  • insight into the psychology of game sound
  • behind the scenes making-of footage for sound effects, voice and music
  • chiptunes and current uses of game sound technology outside games

Find out more on the website and kickstarter pages. We can’t wait to see how this develops and look forward to reporting on the progress.

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