In case you missed it, my article about art music and the construction of videogame canons is in the latest issue of Unwinnable Monthly! There's also cannons. Loooots of cannons #ludomusicology… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

#CfP: #Ludo2022, the Eleventh European Conference on #VGM and Sound, to be held @RHULMusic, 21-23 April 2022, with remote access options available. This year's theme: ‘Music, Myth, and Magic in Video Games’. All info: #gamestudies #musicology #gameaudio

A reminder that #NACVGM is presenting the first W.O.M.B.A.T. on Monday, Oct. 4 with @Musicologess. Anyone interested in working on proposal ideas for research in #vgmusic #ludomusicology should attend! Something to think about over the weekend! Info: Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Attention video game music and sound design enthusiasts, the UNT Music Library seeks papers and poster presentations for "Press Start": A Video Game Music Symposium to be held March 26, 2022 at the @UNTCoM. Apply at #ludomusicology Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Never expected to be quoted in the @nytimes on the topic of @Ludomusicology one day - but here we are. 😊 A huge thank you goes to the wonderful @ainajkhan for the fantastic article! #gamestudies @HHU_de #gameaudio #musicology #mediastudies #vgm #gamemusic Retweeted by Ludomusicology

The 'Cocktail Party Effect' VR Listening Experiment! Take part in this free Oculus Quest 2 Experience! Participants for Study needed (Age 18-50, Native English Speakers, No Hearing Impairments). Download link: (APK+PDF Instructions, 100% clean+safe) Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Hi folks, please consider submitting something to our zine!… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

#ludomusicology #gameaudio and #gamestudies people: The CfP for next years' #NACVGM is out!…

@nainaihao668 @UNTsocial . @musicillogical might know to whom to reach out to as he is a panelist at this symposium.

Very cool opening for a Curator for Electronic Games at The Strong museum (Rochester, NY) -- might be of interest to some #ludomusicology people?… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

@nainaihao668 @UNTsocial Please reach directly out to the organizers. 🙂

CfP: @UNTsocial Music Library will host “Press Start”: A Video #GameMusic Symposium" to be held in-person March 26, 2022. There is availability for need-based travel funding. All information: #ludomusicology #gamestudies #gameaudio

'Reinterpretando el patrimonio musical español: paradigmas ludomusicológicos'. Algunas conclusiones de mi último trabajo académico publicado sobre música y videojuegos. Retweeted by Ludomusicology

#ludomusicology, #gameaudio and #gamestudies people: please help to spread the word to find enough participants for this study. 👇☺️…

CFP- The Replaying Japan Journal vol. 4. Calling for original research papers on Japanese videogames, game culture and related media. Deadline, September 30th, 2021. #replayingjapan #gamestudies Retweeted by Ludomusicology

#ludomusicology folks—looking for stuff on Final Fantasy 6, especially how it used leitmotifs. (Writing something, don’t want to duplicate work.) I’d love some recommendations on good reads. Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Not tagging her (and similarly, please don't in replies, she has plenty going on) but this is Julianne Grasso's family farm. Those of you who know her through our stream antics please consider donating if you can. She's the best of all of us.… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

One more week to go! Still urgently looking for participants in my experiment on procedural music in games. It's anonymous and only takes 10-15 minutes! #gameaudio #ludomusicology #AcademicTwitter #gamedev #indiedev Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Deadline approaching! Don't forget to submit your proposals! 🤩 #ludomusicology #gameaudio #gamestudies #vgm #musicology #soundstudies #AcademicChatter #mediastudies #EDM #culturalstudies #games #gaming…

Excited to publish my forthcoming book on #NES music as part of @IntellectBooks series on #gamemusic #VGM. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the series’ excellent inaugural entry by Tim Summers #nintendo #zelda @Ludomusicology Retweeted by Ludomusicology

@NickDwyer Here's a quick ref on who's who (from @shmuplations 's translation of The Women of Game Design):… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

really great photo of Capcom's sound team from 1990 Retweeted by Ludomusicology

test Twitter Media - RT @NickDwyer: really great photo of Capcom's sound team from 1990

The Journal of Sound and Music in Games Call for Papers: Intersections Between Game Music and Electronic Dance Music Guest Eds: Dr Melanie Fritsch and Prof Hillegonda Rietveld. Proposal deadline: 3 September 2021… @Ludomusicology @IASPM_OFFICIAL #vgm Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Help needed for science!🆘 I'm currently writing my MA thesis on the impact of procedural music on emotion and memory in games.🎶 Now, I'm in big need for participants in my experiment. Participate here (Windows/Mac app): Retweets are much appreciated! Retweeted by Ludomusicology

A big thanks to @hynjnprk, @musicillogical, and @Hara_UofSC for taking the time to talk to me about the complexities of Orientalism in music and in gaming. If you are interested in any of the topics discussed, check out their musicological work. It's all phenomenal.… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

@realsci_DE Wer sich für Games und Musik/Sound interessiert, findet auf unserer Seite eine durchsuchbare Bibliographie zum Thema. Wir bemühen uns sehr, diese möglichst aktuell zu halten. 🙂

Hey ⁦@RodSelfridge⁩… my copy of the new ⁦@routledgebooks⁩ title, 3D Audio arrived today. Chapter 11 looks good. Some guys called Cook, Selfridge and McAlpine. I hear they really know their stuff! 😁 Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Very excited - my author’s copy of Teaching Electronic Music arrived this morning. I’ve got a chapter on teaching principles of interactive audio where I talk about immersive theatre, installations and video games (and I got in a reference to Untitled Goose Game!) #ludomusicology Retweeted by Ludomusicology

I had a great time writing this article on the work of Dr. Thomas Yee, which speaks to a topic very personal to me. #ludomusicology you can read about it here: #Mario #Nintendo @UTSA @Ludomusicology… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

In an effort to encourage abstract submissions from younger scholars and anyone considering research in #ludomusicology, #NACVGM is planning to start a new workshop headed up by the always excellent @Musicologess. Stay tuned for details!… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

hey #ludomusicology folks, any good readings re. the intersection of sports & music in video games that you could recommend for an undergrad course? Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Ep. 4 des #Podcast "Sounds of Sound Studies" ist online! Golo Föllmer spricht über "musikalische Klänge und den ganzen Rest", über experimentelle #Klangforschung und seinen Weg vom Klavierbauer zum Professor @UniHalle #SoSS #SoundStudies… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Fyi #ludomusicology people. ☺️…

... and right now @RTE_NSO, Ireland's national symphony orchestra, are streaming a free concert of videogame music from @NCH_Music Programme to include FF, Castlevania, Hades, Halo ... a good day for #VGM, then? @eimearnoone @Ludomusicology Retweeted by Ludomusicology

CfP: Proposals (in Spanish/Portuguese language) can be submitted for the symposium "Music, Sound and Videogames: Media, Processes and Communities", hosted at Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile. All info: #ludomusicology #gameaudio #gamestudies #vgm

@Ludomusicology folks may be interested: Ireland's national symphony orchestra @RTE_NSO will be streaming a live performance of #VGM this Friday, under the baton of @TheAcademy conductor @eimearnoone. Great programme, followed by a 24hr twitch stream for mental health charities.… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

CfP: The Journal of Sound and Music in Games invites proposals on "Intersections Between #GameMusic and Electronic Dance Music"; Guest Eds: Dr @myfritsch and Prof @GonnieR. All info👉 👈#ludomusicology #gamestudies #gameaudio #vgm #musicology #chiptunes

My fabulous colleague posted his presentation, fyi #ludomusicology and #chiptunes people. 🙂👍… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Tonight on @DLF: "Vom Spiel zum Game: Immersive Welten", by the fabulous Dr. Anna Schürmer talking to fantastic composers and also feat. yours truly on #ludomusicology, #chiptunes, techno and #NeueMusik. 😊 #gamestudies Retweeted by Ludomusicology

In #GAIN17 widmet sich @indieflock dem Erfolg von Gaming-Vinyl und einem Indie-Magazin mit Fokus auf Spiele & Musik (@gamemusicnet). Die schöne Illustration haben wir Nienke Klöffer ( zu verdanken. 👏 Jetzt bestellen:… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

There's 10 days left to submit to our CFP on the Convergence and Divergence of Music in Video Games and Film! Please consider submitting! @ASPMusicTheory #ludomusicology #vgm #chiptunes #filmstudies #mami #nacvgm #gamestudies #musicology #cinemastudies Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Hey #ludomusicology folk but not only, what's your favourite use of pre-existing pop music in a video game (excluding sports and rhythm)? Retweeted by Ludomusicology

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