Fyi #ludomusicology people.…

New ToDiGRA Journal issue! It includes a paper of mine about Taiko no Tatsujin and the musical literacy it conveys (including ludo mix, oral traditions, and more)! #taikonotatsujin #ludomusicology #mediamix #digra… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

@martinemussies It will be a fantastic start! ☺️👍

Just found out that I will be the very first speaker & player at #LUDO2021 ... 😅 much looking forward to this conference, nonetheless! 😉… #ludomusicology #musicology #gameaudio #gamestudies #bardcore #tavernware #chiptunes #medievalism #medievalgames Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Hey #ludomusicology friends, is there anything published on Bayonetta's music? I have an interested student looking for resources to cite. Retweeted by Ludomusicology

The University of Amsterdam (@UvA_Amsterdam) Media Studies Department - one of the coolest and most collaborative & innovative academic spaces I've ever encountered - is hiring 9 (yes, 9) Assistant Professors. Find your media studies dream job here:… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

On Sunday, 25th, @Arty_Mis (Carnatic music enthusiast, Director of Design at Zynga and Ambassador of @wigj) will talk about her project “‘Sangamam’ – A union of Carnatic music, South Indian culture, Video games and Emotions” 4/4

On Saturday, 24th, @MarkusZierhofer (Composer of @WagaduChronicle and founder of @AudioCreatures ) will talk about „Afrofantasy Game Music: Discoveries, possibilities and difficulties while defining the sonic world of the African MMO The Wagadu Chronicles“. 3/4

On Friday, 23rd @GonnieR (Professor of Sonic Culture at London South Bank University) will share insights on “Digital Muse: Game Culture Enters the Dancefloor”. 2/4

ICYMI: #Ludo2021 is about to happen on April 23-25, online and for free! All info on the program and how to register 👉 We are excited to announce our fantastic keynotes in this thread! 1/4 #ludomusicology #gameaudio #gamedev #indiedev #gamestudies #vgm

Check out this behind-the-scenes vid, showing how my paper sketches became final music on #MK11 - RTs appreciated, as I'm hoping ppl see the benefits of sketching first before production! Full vid on Youtube: #vgm #ludomusicology #gamemusic #gameaudio Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Una estupenda noticia para la Ludomusicología: la @BNE_biblioteca abre su archivo de videojuegos. Buena idea también su ubicación en la Sala Barbieri del departamento de Música y Audiovisuales #Ludomusicology… a través de @el_pais Retweeted by Ludomusicology

‘Vamo’allá flamenco’. Resignificaciones e interacciones musicales en un JRPG. Mi nuevo artículo en 'Ludomusicología. Investigaciones y reflexiones sobre la música de los videojuegos y sus culturas' a través de @hypothesesorg Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Today is the final day to submit a proposal! Call for Proposals: Networked Collaborative Processes 2021 Deadline: 23:59 (GMT) on 26th of March, 2021.… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

We're so excited for Markus' #Ludo2021 keynote on „Afrofantasy Game Music: Discoveries, possibilities and difficulties while defining the sonic world of the African MMO @WagaduChronicle s“! 🤩 Get a sneak peek on his work👉 #gamestudies #indiedev #gameaudio…

Congratulations to our amazing keynote speaker @Arty_Mis on her promotion to Director of Design at Zynga! 🥳 At #Ludo2021 she will give us insights on “‘Sangamam’ – A union of Carnatic music, South Indian culture, Video games and Emotions”. #gamestudies

Our March 2021 #Media Studies Newsletter is out now! 🎮… This month includes: - New book - The Legend of #Zelda: Ocarina of Time 👾 - New journal issue - Journal of Alternative & Community Media 5.2 - + lots of new #cfps + @baftss conference news! 🎞️ Retweeted by Ludomusicology

#twitterstorians, I need your help! Who is working/interested in #videogames and #environments? Any hints will be rewarded with eternal gratitude and free drinks at the next in-person conference (and free copies)! Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Here's a sheet music video for Sonic 1 ~ Green Hill Zone which arranges the Mega Drive's YM2612 FM channels into melody, harmony, etc. One for the #ludomusicology and #vgm nerd crowd 🤓 Retweeted by Ludomusicology

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - A Game Music Companion is out now! 🎮 Tim Summers examines #music within a well-loved, culturally significant #game in different narrative, ludological and interactive contexts. Read more here! 👉… #gamestudies Retweeted by Ludomusicology

@jinsnocturne @stefanxgc We're tremendously excited about having speakers from all around the world! 🥳 We tried to accommodate our speakers and guests from all timezones as good as possible. Not an easy task. 😬

ICYMI: In almost a month #Ludo2021 will happen, and the fabulous Hillegonda is one of our keynote speakers, giving us insights about “Digital Muse: Game Culture Enters the Dancefloor”. 🤩 Check out all info via #ludomusicology #gamestudies #gameaudio…

@hellylovesrawk Thank you. Please also keep in mind that our conference happens soon so we're currently flooded with messages. We try to respond to all of them asap, but sometimes it can take a few days. We do our best, though. 🙂

@hellylovesrawk Sorry about that, maybe it really got lost in the spam folder. 😞 Could you please resubmit via our email address (it's on our website as well), just in case. Thank you. 🙏

#ludomusicology bubble to the rescue : are there any articles/chapters out there on the music of AC Origins? 🤔 I know about AC Odyssey and Syndicate, but I don't think I've come across research on Origins by now? Retweeted by Ludomusicology

For students of popular music in the BENELUX region: join us for the annual „research in music“ @iaspm_Benelux20 STUDENT CONFERENCE organized by the Popular Music, Sound and Media Cultures MA track and Music Matters in Groningen! Retweeted by Ludomusicology

**Research participants wanted** Are you a music fan and an avid Twitch user? Then I am looking for you! Interested in taking part in new research about the experience of livestreamed concert then leave me a message or email Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Hey #ludomusicology community! For my research on #vgm in libraries, what would you like for your local library to collect and provide access to support your research? Retweeted by Ludomusicology

There's a few weeks left for our CfP! Please consider submitting an abstract on the Convergence and Divergence of Music in Games and Films!… @ASPMusicTheory #gamestudies #ludomusicology #cinemastudies #chiptunes #vgm #filmmusic Retweeted by Ludomusicology

@myfritsch @Ludomusicology @univgroningen Job 🙂 Music technology department in University of the Arts Helsinki is seeking Lec­turer in music tech­nol­ogy, film and game music.… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Job: The Faculty of Arts @univgroningen is seeking one full-time Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Popular Music, Sound and Media Cultures. #ludomusicology #musicology #mediastudies #vgm #gamestudies #phdchat Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Archivist @Cactuceratops brings Part 2 of her series about the importance of preservation of sound in the video game industry. Read more about how the history of Conker's Bad Fur day could have been accidentally re-written. #archiving #videogamehistory Retweeted by Ludomusicology

It's Geek Week @UWM! While you're exploring your geekdom, check out this book on music and sound design in video games. The study of music and games, also known as #ludomusicology, is an exciting growing branch of music studies. …… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

I'm curious #ludomusicology hive mind, how do you notate something to repeat infinitely in your sheet music transcriptions?... 🤔 Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Very excited to chat with the fabulous @CorneliaGeppert and Joscha Neumann (Project Lead "Spielräume" @Komische_Oper) about opera and games! 😊 All info on the event and how to join 👉 #gamestudies #ludomusicology #gamemusic #gameaudio #gamedev #indiedev Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Registration for #Ludo2021 is now open! 🥳 Check out the programme and how to register here: 👉👈 #ludomusicology #gameaudio #vgm #gamestudies #gamedev #indiedev #mediastudies #musicology

Signal boosting my little slice of basic #ludomusicology for your Sunday afternoon!… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Hey, ludomuscicologists of a music theory persuasion! Anyone tried to design an entire UG theory class only using video game music examples? Prepping for class this morning and realizing that I've used game examples several times this week. Would be fun to try a whole semester. Retweeted by Ludomusicology

We are extremely delighted delighted to announce the publication of the first book in our series! Huge congratulations, Tim! 🥳 The book (as well as the digital version) will be available via #gamestudies #ludomusicology #gameaudio #Zelda35th #vgm #gamedev

test Twitter Media - We are extremely delighted delighted to announce the publication of the first book in our series! Huge congratulations, Tim! 🥳 The book (as well as the digital version) will be available via #gamestudies #ludomusicology #gameaudio #Zelda35th #vgm #gamedev

In your opinion, what makes a piece of video game music stand on its own? What takes a song from something that's "just good background music" to "music I listen to all the time"? Retweeted by Ludomusicology

While we are putting together the program for #Ludo2021 (stay tuned!) you might like to check out @dangolding's fantastic article on the music of #untitledgoosegame for free (thx to @ucpress😊) 👉👈 #ludomusicology #gamestudies #gameaudio #gamedev #indiedev

I just learned that Motoi Sakuraba not only scored Dark Souls, but friggin Golden Sun. It seems I just love all he does, so that's neat? (Also, I just discovered this #ludomusicology yt channel, and it's incredible)… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Eine neue Folge Gamespop, diesmal mit Musik aus Cyberpunk 2077, Weedcraft, Strobophagia und mehr. #vgm #GameAudio #gamesmusic #ludomusicology #soundtrack Retweeted by Ludomusicology

Delighted to have Marios Aristopoulos review our book "The Game Audio Strategy Guide" in the latest Journal of Sound and Music in Games. #jsmg #gameaudio #gamestudies… Retweeted by Ludomusicology

We're delighted to release the CfP for the Middle Ages in Modern Games Twitter conference 2021! We're looking for 12 Tweet 'papers' addressing any aspect of the Middle Ages (broadly defined) or medievalism within games of any format. #medievaltwitter #MAMG21 Retweeted by Ludomusicology

The Journal of Sound and Music in Games have kindly made my recent article on Untitled Goose Game’s music free for all to read: Retweeted by Ludomusicology

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