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News Roundup & thank you for coming to Ludo 2018!

With apologies for the late posting of this roundup, thank you firstly to all our Ludo 2018 delegates! Aside from some frustrating but unavoidable travel issues due to poor weather conditions, the conference was a great success! It’s been the first Ludo conference ever held in Germany, and with around 80 participants it was also the biggest!

A special thanks goes out to our wonderful hosts Christoph Hust (Zentrum für Musikwissenschaft Leipzig) and Martin Roth (JGames Initiative Leipzig) and their teams, our fantastic Keynote speakers Kristine Jørgensen, Adele Cutting and Michael Austin, as well as our generous sponsors EA Blog für digitale Spielkultur and Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur.

We’d like to thank all you fabulous people who came to Ludo2018 and helped to make it such a memorable event for us! Thank you for all the excellent talks, discussions, and overall for being a lovely community. We hope to see all of you next year in… well, we will reveal that very soon. Stay tuned!

News Roundup

We’re delighted to share links to the following articles related to Ludo2018.

    1. Preview on Ludo2018: http://www.gamesweekberlin.com/www-feature-melanie-fritsch/
    2. The German media education institution Grimme-Institut (a non-profit research and service institution that deals with media and communication) has launched a full dossier on Games and Music (all articles in German language), including:
    3. A short article and audio interview with Melanie about the Ludo2018 conference conducted by Martin Lorber of the EA Blog für Digitale Spielkultur (German language): https://spielkultur.ea.de/allgemein/8267/
    4. Ludo2018 conference review by Trevor Rawbone (Melodrive): http://melodrive.com/blog/ludo2018-journey-video-game-music/
    5. This podcast discusses Ludo2018 and music in games on the basis of Daniel Heinz’ Grimme-Game review: http://pixeldiskurs.de/2018/07/15/pixeldiskurs-podcast-103-das-grosse-audio-quiz-teil-2/.

Other links not directly related to the conference to recent media features:

  1. Overview: https://www.grimme-game.de/category/musik-sound/
  2. Radio-feature by Tobias Nowak (WDR 5) about the Grimme-Institut workshop conducted by Jan-Torge Claussen dealing with games and music education during gamescom congress (German language): https://www1.wdr.de/mediathek/audio/wdr5/wdr5-scala-netzkultur/audio-service-netzkultur-spiel-mit-musik-100.html
  3. Report by Daniel Heinz on the Grimme-Institut workshop conducted by Jan Torge Claussen dealing with games and music education during Gamescom congress (German language): https://www.grimme-game.de/2018/08/29/spiel-mit-musik-workshop-auf-dem-gamescom-congress/
  4. Interview with Melanie Fritsch and the Sound Architect on Ludomusicology: https://www.thesoundarchitect.co.uk/ludomusicology-melanie-fritsch/
  5. Tim Summers and other guests on BBC Radio 3’s The Listening Service: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b0wrpd
  6. Radio feature with Melanie about game music on Deutschlandfunk (German language): https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/computerspielemusik-wie-man-gute-musik-fuer-ein-pc-spiel.2156.de.html?dram%3Aarticle_id=415928.

Ludo 2018 Call for Papers

We are excited to announce that Ludo2018, the Seventh Conference on Video Game Music and Sound, will take place April 13th – 15th at HMT Leipzig in Germany.

Please share our Call for Papers poster online and around your institutions.

The organizers of Ludo2018 are accepting proposals for research presentations. This year, we are particularly interested in papers that support the conference theme of ‘Soundscapes and Interfaces’. We also welcome all proposals on sound and music in games.

Proposed papers might be presented as part of planned sessions on:

  • Auditory Interfaces
  • Crossmedia Soundscapes
  • Soundscapes in AR/VR
  • Arcade Soundscapes
  • Interfacing with Other Cultures in Video Game Music
  • Soundscapes and Class in Games
  • Sound in Casual Games

Presentations should last twenty minutes, to be followed by questions. The conference language is English. Please submit your paper proposal (c.250 words) plus provisional bibliography by email to ludomusicology@gmail.com by February 14th 2018.

Practitioners and composers may submit proposals to present work. We also welcome session proposals from organizers representing two to four individuals; the organizer should submit an introduction to the theme and c.200 word proposals for each paper.

The conference will feature the following keynote speakers:

Michael Austin (Howard University), editor of Music Video Games (Bloomsbury, 2016)
Adele Cutting, BAFTA-winning audio professional whose credits include the Harry Potter and The Room franchises
Kristine Jørgensen (University of Bergen), author of Gameworld Interfaces (MIT, 2013)

Hosted by Christoph Hust (HMT Leipzig, Department of Musicology) and Martin Roth (Leipzig University, Department for Japanese Studies)
Organized by Melanie Fritsch, Michiel Kamp, Tim Summers & Mark Sweeney.

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