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Study Day Programme

Our Study Day programme is now available here: Programme Summary.  The paper sessions will be as follows:

Session 1: Musical Structuring in Video Games

‘Death and diegesis: music structuring gameplay in three platform games’ – Michiel Kamp (Cambridge University)

‘Palimpsest, pragmatism and the aesthetics of genre transformation: composing the hybrid score to Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed’ – Stephen Baysted (Chichester University)

Session 2: Musical Aesthetics and Dynamic Music

‘Epic Texturing, the First-Person Shooter and Video Game Music Aesthetics’ – Tim Summers (Bristol University)

‘Isaac’s Silence: Delineating the Game Music Aesthetic’ – Mark Sweeney (Oxford University)

‘Re-Orchestrating Game Drama: The Experience of Dynamic Music in Videogames’ – Hans-Peter Gasselseder (University of Salzburg) and Maria Kallionpää (Oxford University)

Session 3: Analyzing Game Music

‘Applying the ITPRA-theory to Videogame music analysis: interdisciplinary approach for videogame music analysis’ – Petra van Henten (University of Utrecht)

‘Ludorhizomusicosmology: The Interactive Musical Territory Between Player and Game’ – Geert Bruinsma (Independent Game Researcher)

‘Syntax error: Affective Prosody and Vocalization based Musical Icons in Game Sound Design’ – Tom Langhorst (Fontys University of Applied Science)

Session 4: Histories and Game Music

‘Playing With History: Music, Video Games, and Reverse Skeuomorphs’ – Roger Moseley (Cornell University)

‘Play it Again and Again and Again, Sam: “Looped” Music and the Cinematic Aesthetic in Videogame Audio’ – James Barnaby (Liverpool University)

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