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Welcome to Ludo2019!

modello di armani e dolce&gabbana? io conosco solo croccantino #TZVIP @AndreaZelletta Retweeted by Ludovica :)💘

Questa doveva essere ricordata come l'edizione con il cast più bello e anche originale, invece verrà ricordata per l'estremo prolungamento che ha prosciugato i concorrenti, i televoti falsati da account fake e voti esteri, incapacità del conduttore. Che amarezza #gfvip #tzvip Retweeted by Ludovica :)💘

@zorzi_gaia Dice prima ‘non’, poi si ferma. Riformula la frase e afferma ‘EVITARE’ i contatti esterni. Infatti lo censurano subito. Sicuramente aveva un’accezione negativa

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#TZVIP In esclusiva⚠️ le immagini di Tommaso mentre stanotte litigava con Oppini nella sua testa: Retweeted by Ludovica :)💘

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test Twitter Media - RT @saturnail: Ok facciamolo tutti in vista della sessione

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Ma poi, tralasciando per un attimo il malessere evidente di tutti i concorrenti (chi più e chi meno), con quale dinamiche vorrebbero arrivare fino al 26? #TZVIP

Ludo2019 Registration Open

We’re pleased to announce that registration for Ludo2019 is now open! You can view the Conference Programme here and for local information, check out our Visitor Pack here.

To register, please review the full conference details and purchase a ticket here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any queries.

Registration closes Monday 22nd April

Looking forward to seeing you in Leeds!

Click to Register Now for Ludo2019

Ludo2019 Programme

Please follow this link for conference details and registration.

Day 1: 26th April 2019

9:00–9:30Registration, Coffee & Welcome
9:30–11:00Session 1 – Analysis and Approaches
  1. Stephen Tatlow – Halo: Transcription Evolved – Overcoming difficulties in transcribing modular video game scores
  2. Ariel Grez Valdenegro – Comparative analysis of the combat situations in Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger
  3. Joanna Bertram – Cinematic and orchestral scores in the evolution of video game music
11:00–11:30Tea & Coffee Break
11:30–12:30Keynote Session – Ubisoft Panel: Lydia Andrew (Audio Director) with composers Joe Henson and Alexis Smith (The Flight)
“The research process and realisation of the music in Assassins Creed Odyssey”
13:30–15:00Session 2 – Gender and Identity
  1. Andra Ivănescu ­– Inhuman music and the monstrous-feminine
  2. Andrew Goddard – ‘We are born of the blood, made men by the blood’: Exploring the preservation of hegemonic masculinity in Bloodborne’s sound and music
  3. Daniel Miranda – Containment and tension: The auditory dissonance of an adventuress princess
15:00–15:30Tea & Coffee Break
15:30–17:00Session 3 – Game Music and Wider Culture
  1. Donal Fullam ­– Valve and the sound of algorithmic culture
  2. Joana Freitas – “Meme aside, it is still a great song”: videogame music and its roles in the culture of internet memes
  3. Hyeonjin Park – ‘I got nightmare eyes!’: Understanding madness from players’ interpretation of diegetic and nondiegetic music in Night in the Woods
EveningPub Quiz

University of California Press - JSMG

Day 2, 27th April 2019

9:30–11:00Session 4 – Agency and Effect
  1. Lucy Harrison – Principles of gaming sound design in interactive and immersive theatre
  2. Pulaporn Sreewichian – Influence of background music on players’ experience and emotional perception in different game level designs
  3. Costantino Oliva – Ergodic musicking
11:00–11:30Tea & Coffee Break
11:30–12:30Keynote Session – Joe Thom
13:30–14:00Journal of Sound and Music in Games: Meet the Editors
14:00–15:00Keynote Session – James Newman
“Seventeen Seconds of Sanxion”
15:00–15:30Tea & Coffee Break
15:30–17:15Session 5 – Design and Practice
  1. Matthew Crossley, Stuart Cunningham and Nathan Robinson – Musical meanings: A game-a-week theme to teach computer games design students
  2. Steven Lewis – Enhancing emotional immersion by combining procedurally experience-driven music and sequenced event-based audio implementation techniques
  3. Richard Stevens & Dave Raybould – Workshop: Building an audio driven game in 45 minutes (or less!)
EveningConference Dinner at Salvo’s Salumeria
Private dining. 115 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3PX.

Liverpool University Press - MSMI

Day 3, 28th April 2019

9:30–11:00Session 6 – Adaptation and Change
  1. Clodagh Owens – From polygons to 4k: Remasters, nostalgia and fandom opinion
  2. Raymond Sookram – Paracosmic multimedia: Transmedial characters and video game music
  3. Zachary Diaz and Sofia Lago – “Killing Monsters”: Representations and adaptations of Eastern European folklore in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
11:00–11:30Tea & Coffee Break
11:30–12:30Session 7 – Hard Questions about Hardware
  1. George Reid – Chiptune and the remediation of limitation
  2. Stefan Höltgen – Hard bit rock: Challenges and chances of preserving soundware
13:30–14:30Keynote: Paul Weir
“Developing Game Audio Software – Lessons Learnt, Definitions Defined, Stupidities Confirmed”
14:30–15:00Tea & Coffee Break
15:00–15:30Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Ludo2019 Call for Papers

We are excited to announce that Ludo2019, the Eighth European Conference on Video Game Music and Sound, will take place April 26th – 28th at Leeds Beckett University.

Please share our Call for Papers poster online and around your institutions.

The organizers of Ludo2019 are accepting proposals for research presentations. This year, we are particularly interested in papers that support the conference theme of ‘Implementation and Preservation’. We also welcome all proposals on sound and music in games.

Proposed papers might be presented as part of planned sessions on:

  • Archiving and preserving game sound
  • Retro musical aesthetics in modern games
  • Approaches, implications and effects of implementation systems for game audio
  • Musical meanings: players’ interpretations and perceptions of music during gameplay
  • Playing (with) game music in game music cultures.

Presentations should last twenty minutes, to be followed by questions. The conference language is English. Please submit your paper proposal (c.250 words) plus provisional bibliography by email to by February 15th 2019.

Practitioners and composers may submit proposals to present work. We also welcome session proposals from organizers representing two to four individuals; the organizer should submit an introduction to the theme and c.200 word proposals for each paper.

The conference will feature:

James Newman (Bath Spa University) as keynote speaker, who is co-founder and curator of the National Video Games Archive, author of Videogames (2004/2013), Playing with Videogames (2008), 100 Videogames (2007), Teaching Videogames (2006) and A History of Videogames (2018).

Paul Weir (EARCOM), as keynote speaker, who is a composer, sound designer and audio director, known for his work in games, generative audio, radio and audio books. He has soundtracked over forty games, including the widely acclaimed No Man’s Sky.

Joe Thom (TTGames), as keynote speaker, who is a sound designer best known for his work on the Lego game series.

Lydia Andrew (Ubisoft), Audio Director for the Assassin’s Creed series at the Montreal studio, with Joe Henson and Alexis Smith of “The Flight”, composers of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Hosted by Richard Stevens (Course Director, MSc. in Sound and Music for Interactive Games; School of Film, Music & Performing Arts)

Organized by Melanie Fritsch, Michiel Kamp, Tim Summers & Mark Sweeney.

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